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Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida.   Whether you live by the beaches, as far west as Baldwin, or north past the airport, one thing is certain, Jacksonville is also the largest city by square footage in the United States.


What is the common type of Property Damage claims experienced by residents of Jacksonville?


It happens to be WATER DAMAGE, followed by Roofing Issues, Storm Damage, and Theft claims.



Water damage claims are getting increasingly difficult in Florida. Insurance companies continue to restrict their policies when it comes to water damage.

Florida is the #1 state in the USA for water damage and water damage claims. We see water damage in almost every type of claim in Florida.

Whether you have water damage from :

-Bathroom line break

-Pipe Break

-Roof Leaks (Water Stained Ceiling)




-Roof Leaks

-Pipe Breaks



We can help even if the insurance company has denied your water damage claim or if they underpaid your water damage claim.


Insurance companies sometimes place a TIME FRAME when you can report a water damage claim.


The 14 day rule (if water damage from leeks happened over 14 days ago, insurance company may deny your claim)


Over the years, insurance companies have changed their policy language to restrict their obligation to cover water damage claims

I have used a “loophole” to this 14 day rule for a few years so don’t get upset if you feel as if there nothing you can do.


Call me if you need help for your Water Damage Insurance Claims


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