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Hiring a public adjuster is a very important step for representing your rights against your insurance company. Residents hire public adjusters in Hialeah when they need help in their property damage claim.

What happens when your property suffers water damage due to an appliance line break?

What kind of appliances ?   Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers, etc…

When appliance water lines break, it normally happens when the owner is out of town, at work, away for a business trip.  They come home a few days later only to see water everywhere.  If you live in a townhome or home that has more than 1 level, you might be faced with water pouring from the 2nd floor down to 1st floor causing a tremendous headache.

Insurance companies are limiting what they will pay for water damage claims so its important to review your policy.   Make sure you contact a public adjuster to review the policy before you file a claim to know exactly what the best way to handle the claim.

Give Mike call if you need help with any type of water leak insurance claim.

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