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Fort Myers is the commercial heart of Lee County.  Major attractions include the winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry FordEdison Mall, and historic downtown region featuring waterfront views.  With all the waterways, it’s no wonder there has been many mold damage claims filed over the years.  What happens when water causes damage to your property in Fort Myers?  

Whether you own a home, have a condo unit, own a strip mall or other commercial building, water and mold damage is the #1 property damage claim in Fort Myers.

If you have water damage from a leak, roof damage, pipe break or any other source do you know what public adjuster in Fort Myers you would call to help you get the money you deserve?

We specialize in water damage claims and we know that having mold damage is no walk in the park.  If you have children, it can cause medical issues quickly.

So how to you get rid of black mold?   We believe its best to leave it to professionals who specialize in water and mold mitigation.  These companies utilize humidifiers, special chemicals, dryers, and other techniques to “dry” out your property.

If you have any type of Water Damage and/or Mold be sure to call Mike today!

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