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Roof Leaks

Doral is the headquarters to Carnival Cruise Lines.  They are a major employer hiring over 2,000 people.  In May 2018, Carnival Cruise Line ship, Carnival Dream, had an issue with its fire suppression system that caused water to flow down the walls and flooding hallways.

What if your business or commercial property had the same issue?   What if you own a home that has a roof leak?  AC Leak?  A pipe in your home cracks that causes a back flow of water throughout the house??   Who would you call to help you in your claim??

We specialize in water damage.  It doesn’t matter how small the leak is, let us inspect the damage.   Is your roof the cause of the leak?  We can inspect any roof from single family homes, condominiums, large commercial roofs, and strip malls.   .

Your insurance company will deny your claim if they feel like they have a superior position and you have no representation.  They will tell you the damage needs to be more substantial and widespread.  We’ve helped property owners receive a NEW ROOF with the only visible damage on the roof about the size of a golf ball.

Don’t try to settle your roof damage claim with the insurance company.  They will get your frustrated, deny your claim, or give you a low-ball offer.

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