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Delray Beach Public Adjuster

Homeowners Insurance

Delray Beach has seen tremendous growth over the last 10 years.  Atlantic avenue is now a bustling street on weekends crowded with people enjoying the variety of restaurants and boutique stores.  Did you know back in the 1840s its very possible that Indians, likely Tequesta Indians, likely passed thru or even inhabited what is now Delray Beach.  The Indians typically passed thru areas or inhabited areas for shorts period of times.  They built very fragile “living” quarters that would easily be crushed by storms we face today.  

What if your property was damaged today?  Do you have a public adjuster in Delray Beach that you would call for help with you claim?  Would you call an attorney?

One of the top questions Homeowners have:

What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

This question is a bit trickier that a simple answer.  Many insurance companies in Florida place higher deductible for Hurricane claims, limit the amount of money to be paid on Cast Iron Pipe Damage claims, and property owners put special additional coverage on their insurance policy.

But we can take a look at your policy to help identify what is covered should you have property damage.

Public Adjuster vs. Attorney

Attorney’s these days have dipped their toes into the world of representing property owners against their insurance company for property damage claims.  However, I’m going to give you ONE reason why you shouldn’t hire an attorney for your property damage claim:

  1. Any Attorney will charge 40% fees for any recovery

Public Adjuster fees range from 10% to 20%.  If there is a state declared emergency then our fees are subject to state law and capped at 10%, such as a Hurricane or Flood.

When you are looking for the best public adjuster in Delray Beach there is every reason to contact The Claim Squad Public Adjusters to help with your property damage claim.

We specialize in only a few property damage claims.  We believe its better to be experts in a few things, then handle all different types of property damage claims and not specialize in any claims.

When looking for a public adjuster in Delray Beach you want a company with tremendous experience that can help throughout the entire process.  The Claim Squad Public Adjusters lead adjuster, Mike Keeler, worked for a large law firm and an insurance company.  He is the ONLY public adjuster that has this unique experience so he can easily comfort you during this frustrating process.  We also have a group of attorneys that work for us.  Their fees DO NOT come from your recovery, rather they are paid by the insurance company.

When you hire us, you will have expertise in a company that knows how insurance companies operate and can help you thru the legal process should your claim end up in lawsuit.

One step at a time.  Call us today!  Let’s talk about your property damage claim.

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