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Deerfield Beach Public Adjusters


Take a drive down Hillsboro Blvd. in Deerfield Beach east towards the ocean.  While driving east, you come up on the intercoastal bridge.  On top, your window down, you feel strong gusts of wind at top.  Imagine the amount of damage a Tropical Storm or Hurricane can do to homes, condominiums, and commercial buildings in Deerfield Beach.   What if you suffered damage to your property from strong winds?  Would you call just any public adjuster in Deerfield Beach?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in wind damage.  Our lead public adjuster, Mike Keeler, has covered hundreds of property damage claims involving Tornados, Hurricanes, and Hail damage caused by Mother Nature.  Don’t fight your insurance company alone, doing so will end up in an underpaid or denied claim.  In addition, frustration with your insurance company will settle in quickly.  It happens!  It is frustrating to deal with your insurance company, no doubt about it.  We can help!!


If your property suffered property damage from strong winds, like from a major Hurricane or Tropical Storm,don’t just call any public adjuster hire the best public adjusters in Deerfield Beach to handle your property damage claim.

Our experience and the large settlements we get for our clients are unmatched in the industry

 Let me give you an example:

Most public adjusters if you had a property damage claim resulting from strong winds like a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, would visit your property take pictures and write an estimate for damages, just he basics.  However, we do things entirely differently.   

We know the insurance company may challenge the strength of winds on the day the damage occurred.  We create wind gust reports, show computer generated diagrams showing these gusts in and around your particular area, and several other wind related models.   We also will provide the insurance company Hurricane Statistics which will help further strengthen your position for this type of claim.  There are other tactics we use to ensure we put your claim in the strongest position to get the biggest settlement you deserve.

So if you have property damage from any type of wind related circumstance.  Give us a call today!

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