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Living in Davie, where most homes are more spread out unlike other areas of South Florida, it still becomes difficult to avoid damage to your property.  However, when a situation arises, do you have faith your insurance company will treat you fairly?  Guess again, they WILL NOT.

We are one a Public Adjuster in Davie that you can trust to help get you a NEW ROOF.

We are skilled at getting new roofs for our clients when they thought they had only minimal damage.  What is the cost of a new roof?  That depends on a few factors:

1.  How many square feet or “Squares” is your roof?

2.  Will you be getting concrete tiles or shingles?

Let’s give an approximate cost for a few roof.  A home with 34 “squares” will probably cost on average $26,000 to $33,000.  The cost simply varies on the roofing contractor.

Good News for YOU…. we only specialize in a few claims and ROOFING ISSUES are OUR specialty.

Let’s get you a new roof today!

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