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Cutler Bay Public Adjusters


Cutler Bay was named after Dr. William Cutler who visited in 1880 from Massachusetts then encouraged others to settle in this area.  Cutler Bay is an incorporated town in Miami-Dade County established in 2005, therefore, it’s a very young town.  Back in 1992, this area was severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew.

The National Hurricane Center uses Spaghetti models to “predict” the path a Hurricane will take.  We’ve seen this scribbled lines all over the TV.  Sometime, you can’t really tell which model is going where because they intersect with each other.  Spaghetti Models have become part of our Hurricane preparation based the likelihood they end up in your city.

What if another Hurricane like Andrew hit this area, are you prepared?  Your insurance company will face potentially thousands of claims.  Do you think you will get preferential treatment?

Do you know of any Cutler Bay Public Adjusters who specialize in wind damage?  What if I told you The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in just a few types of claims and wind damage is one of our specialties?  Why wouldn’t you call us since we specialize in Hurricanes?

Who is the best public adjuster in Cutler Bay that you would call if another Hurricane struck?  We are one of the best public adjusters in the entire State of Florida.  When your property suffered damage, our unique experience in dealing with insurance companies will help get YOU the maximum settlement you deserve NOT what the insurance company wants to pay you.

If you have sustained property damage, we have a 4-step process to handle your claim:

  • We make initial contact with you to discuss your claim
  • We review your policy
  • We schedule a time to meet to build your case, take photos, and write an estimate of damages
  • We then approach your insurance company making a Demand for Settlement

Don’t just contact any public adjuster for your property damage claim.  Contact us since we are experts in claims like Hurricanes & Tornadoes, water, lightning, fire, pipe breaks, and roof damage  

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