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Coral Springs Public Adjuster


Coral Springs is a large family community west of Pompano Beach in Broward country.  The city has won praise for its low crime, livability, and family-friendly atmosphere.  The city was built on water, canals and levees, and is near the Florida Everglades.  Therefore, you can say that water is part of the birth of Coral Springs.  What happens when water causes damage to your property?  Whether you own a home, have a condo unit, own a strip mall or other commercial building, water damage is the #1 property damage claim in Coral Springs.

If you have water damage from a leak, roof damage, pipe break or any other source do you know what public adjuster in Coral Springs you would call to help you get the money you deserve?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in water damage claims and we know that having mold damage is no walk in the park.  If you have children, it can cause medical issues quickly.  It is very important to have mold testing done.

When you’re looking for a public adjuster you want a company that specializes in water damage and can immediately help you to minimize mold damage.  We have partnerships with several restoration companies.  We can get a restoration expert to your property, in most cases within 24-48 hours, to start mitigating your damages and help keep mold damage to a minimum.  If your property has black mold, that will be the focus if you have children in the house or adults with respiratory problems.

We don’t stop there; we will work closely with you to get all the documentation needed to send to the insurance company to maximize the money you get paid.

We will ask you for a complete list of things like:

  • Personal Items Damaged (TVs, Computers, Laptops, Furniture, etc…)
  • Additional Out of Pocket Expenses like Hotel Expense
  • Medical bills from Mold

These are just a few things we would ask from you.    Being thorough and complete is what sets up apart from other public adjusters.  When your property has been damaged hire the best public adjusters in Coral Springs by contacting us to review your claim.  Free consultation to talk about your claim.

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