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Coral Gables is the home of the U, that is, The University of Miami.  Coral Way, one of its historic streets, have beautiful, gigantic trees providing cover from the sun over the road.  Rum fans rejoice, Bacardi has its corporate headquarters in Coral Gables.

What happens if you own property in Coral Gables and it becomes damaged?  Doesn’t matter if it’s a home, apartment building, retail store or restaurant.  Are you content in letting your insurance company tell you how much your claim is worth?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters should be at the top of your list if you have suffered property damage.   Why?  Because we specialize in only a few types of claims while most public adjusters accept any claim.  Most public adjusters are more concerned about collecting their fee then they are being experts in their field.

Our senior adjuster, Mike Keeler, is the only public adjuster in the entire State of Florida that:

-Worked as an Investigator for both an Insurance Company and large Law Firm

While working for the insurance company, Mike learned the dirty tricks that insurance companies us on their own insured.  It was after this experience that he then went to work with attorneys working on property damage lawsuits on the behalf of the property owner NOT the insurance company.   The experience he has is unprecedented and can’t be matched.

We will get you the money you deserve for the damage to your property whether it was caused from wind, water, mold, fire or lightning,

New Claims, Denied Claims