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Coconut Creek is the home of man current and former UFC fighters, with 6 notable UFC figures coming from the city.  Additionally, Coconut Creek has several well-known attractions such as the Seminole Casino, The Promenade, and American Top Team headquarters.

The city has a tropical savanna climate with an annual rainfall of over 60 inches.  With all that rain many property owners of residential, condo, and commercial buildings will face roofing leaks.  Do you know what public adjuster in Coconut Creek to call to help should you run into issues with roof leaks?

The Claim Squad Public Adjusters specialize in water damage caused by roof leaks.  It doesn’t matter how small the leak is, let us inspect your roof.   We can inspect any roof from single family homes, condominiums, large commercial roofs, and strip malls.   We offer FREE CONSULTATION AND FREE INSPECTIONS.   NO CHARGE EVER!!

We are licensed to inspect roofs for any damage.  A trained eye in this field is a must.

We can help get your leaking roof repaired by getting you an entire roof replacement.

Your insurance company will deny your claim for the smallest roof issues.  They will tell you the damage needs to be more substantial and widespread.  We’ve actually helped property owners receive a new roof with only visible damage on the roof about the size of a golf ball.   We know exactly what your insurance company tactics are.  It’s the same playbook for every roof damage claim.


We help guide you thru the entire claim process, will always be available, and will fight your insurance company for every dollar you deserve.  Most public adjusters will push a settlement that is much lower than what you deserve.  We will always have your best interest and will never force any settlement.  YOU decide if you want to settle at ANYTIME during the process.  YOU are in complete control on whether OFFERS are accepted or decline.  Give us a call today to help with your claim!!!

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