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Why choose Mike & the Claim Squad

A good public adjuster makes all the difference.

Mike Keeler, Public Adjuster - The Claim Squad


Mike is a public adjuster in Florida who helps families with their property damage insurance claims. When you work with Mike, you can take comfort knowing he will help prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

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The Claim Squad’s own Public Adjuster Mike Keeler has been featured as a property damage expert on the following network shows

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My Pledge To You

I promise to help you in every possible way to get you the best settlement possible for your property damage claim.

I enjoy helping people fight the insurance company because I disagree with how they treat property owners.

I am here to do things the right way and help you the best I can.

Honest. Understanding. Caring. Helpful.

– Michael Keeler | Public Adjuster in Florida

Give me a call for a Free Claim Analysis

  • Has your insurance claim been denied?
  • Have a new property damage claim?
  • Maybe you got some money from the insurance company but now realize it’s not enough?
  • Maybe you simply have a question about your policy or a claim?

If so, I can help you.   I’m a phone call away.

My number is (754) 252-5438

Toll-Free (800) 311-5753

Tell Me About Your Claim

Don't let the insurance company take advantage of you.

I am 100% committed to helping you and getting you the best outcome possible.

    Working with Mike and The Claim Squad Public Adjusters

    When I became a Public Adjuster, I set forth a set of standards that I felt could set me apart from other Public Adjusters in Florida.

    I am the CEO, the secretary, the public insurance adjuster, the one who will always speak with you.

    Always keep my clients informed on the status of their case whether that be by phone, email, or text.

    I will always be professional and utilize my experience, background, and work history to let the insurance company adjusters know I am very familiar with how they handle claims. Since I worked for an insurance company and law firm, I will use over 20 years in the insurance industry to help settle your claim.

    Sometimes people have questions on the best way to handle their claim.  I will try to help in every situation and hope to answer all questions even if I don’t represent you.

    I handle each client and property damage claim as if it is my only client.  I understand the frustration insurance companies put people through.  I even had my own Hurricane Irma claim back in 2017.  Property damage claims can interrupt the way you live in your house, as I experienced that firsthand.  Rest assured, I will do my best to help you in every way I can during the claim process.

    I pride myself on being open, honest, and transparent.  If you are a potential new client, I offer a FREE CONSULTATION and provide my honest opinion on your claim and your options.

    Unlike most public adjusters, my career has been focused on property damage insurance claims.  Therefore, you should feel good about knowing you have somebody who has worked with all types of property claims for over 20 years.  I believe working hard, being determined, and tough are the key ingredients to successfully representing all my clients.

    The ONLY Public Adjuster in Florida who specializes in water damage insurance claims

    I handle more water damage claims than any other public adjuster in Florida.  Every one of my clients typically has some form of water damage.

    -Hurricanes      -Bathroom Leaks   -Kitchen leaks    -Pipe Breaks

    -Appliance Hose Line Leaks   -Roof Leaks   -Stained Ceilings   -Mold

    -Mysterious Leaks   -Water Damage after a Fire   -Air Conditioner Leaks

    -Plumbing Leaks  -Fire Water Systems  -Sewage Backups

    …..and Many other Water Leak Claims

    A Good Public Adjuster Makes All The Difference

    What I Offer My Clients

    Water Damage Insurance Claims are the #1 type of property damage claim in Florida.   I handle more water damage claims than any other Public Adjuster in Florida. Trust someone with my experience in Water Damage to help you.

    Florida Hurricanes happen almost every year.  When you face disaster entrust a Public Adjuster that is certified to handle Hurricane Damage Claims to make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

    Roof Claim Denied is a phrase you will hear from your homeowner’s insurance claim.  The insurance company thinks you will not fight after the insurance claim is denied.  I can inspect your roof, validate the damages, and get your roof replaced NOT repaired.

    No other Public Insurance Adjuster in Florida has worked in a law firm.  My legal background helps me understand the legal process and laws better than any other Public Adjuster.   This legal experience helps get my clients better settlements.  I don’t provide legal advice, but I know the laws, cases, and how to set up the insurance company for better results.

    Attorney’s hired me to be their expert witness on Fire Damage Insurance Claims and other property damage claims.  That’s all you need to know.  If they trusted me, YOU CAN TOO!!

    Under no circumstance should you hire just ANY Public Adjuster for your Fire Damage Claim.  Fire Claims are extremely complex and takes a great deal of Forensic Analysis which NO OTHER PUBLIC ADJUSTER IN FLORIDA has.  I handled many Fire Damage Insurance claims for the insurance company, as an expert, and as a Public Insurance Adjuster.  It’s common that your Fire Damage Insurance Claim Denied by the insurance company.  I can help your home insurance fire damage get fully paid and settled.

    Being a former claims adjuster for ITT Hartford, I know how insurance companies work.  The homeowner’s insurance claim process is complex and meant to discourage you.  I know how to fight a denied insurance claim.



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