We are denying all Roof Claims

“We are denying all Roof Claims” said the Insurance Company Executive

“We are denying all Roof Claims.”  These are the words from an Insurance Company Executive who works for a major insurance company in Florida.  The claim adjuster said that management has taken a new position that all roof claims will be denied UNLESS it’s a devastating Hurricane.  This is extremely concerning.


(20) “We are denying all Roof Claims” said the Insurance Company Executive – YouTube



1.  Denying Roof Claims–The Why?

Insurance companies are denying roof claims at an alarming rate. Why?  Well, for years the #1 types of claim filed has to evolve around roof damage insurance claims whether it be from wind related events like a Hurricane, Tornado, or Tropical Storm and Hail.  Insurance companies find it easier to just fight the claim rather than pay the claims.  As a result, there have been more lawsuits from wind damage insurance claims and hail damage claims than ever before.  Approximately 75% to 90% of all roof damage claims are not heading into a lawsuit.


2. Denying Roof Claims–The How?

What is the strategy the insurance companies have taken to deny roof claims?  Let’s look at a few of their tactics:

a)  First, insurance adjusters will come to your house and NOT DO AN ESTIMATE!  This is a tell-tale sign that your roof claim is going to get denied.

b) Next, they employ biased, paid shills called “Claim Denial Specialists” aka “Engineers”

Let’s take a look at one of these deceitful and untrustworthy reports:

We are denying all Roof Claims

We are denying all Roof Claims


3) What can you do?

First, because of the predatory nature of insurance companies with roof claim the most important thing you can do is probably hire a public adjuster right from the start.  You don’t want to take a chance of not doing everything the right way.  A public adjuster will help facilitate the entire claim, make sure the right things are said and the proper paperwork is completed.  A really good public adjuster will use specific tactics that will help put your claim in the best position to succeed.  As a last resort, I would hire an attorney.  I say last resort because of the high fees involved when you hire an attorney.  More than likely, you would pay 33 1/3% or 40% of your settlement to the attorney.  That’s a big price to pay but sometimes you have no other choice.


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