What types of Water Damage are Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

What Types of Water Damage are Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Let’s look at the types of water damage that are typically covered by Homeowners Insurance. We will also cover the most common ways insurance companies will use to DENY your claim.


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1.  Suddenly & Accidentally

Insurance companies really don’t like these two words when you file a water damage insurance claim.  Why?  Because any water damage that happens suddenly, abruptly, and accidentally, without any negligence on your part, such as a water line break or pipe break, means the insurance SHOULD cover the claim.  But as we have learned over the years, nothing is easy when dealing with insurance companies.


2.  Most Common Type of Water Damage Claims I get calls from Homeowners on

Over the years, these are the most common types of water damage claims I see:

  • AC Leaks
  • Pipe Breaks
  • Water Heater Leaks
  • Appliance Water Line Leaks
  • Cast Iron Pipe Issues
  • Miscellaneous Plumbing Issues


3.  Some Ways Insurance Companies look to Deny Your Claim

  • They will say your leak is Long Term
  • Say the leak is from something that has Wear & Tear
  • They will say that you failed to Maintain whatever cracked or broke
  • Sometimes, if it’s a plumbing leak, they will blame it on the plumber who did the work


4.  The Insurance Company Brings an Engineer

It’s not uncommon for the insurance company to hire an “engineer” to “verify” the damages or to find a “cause” and “origin” of the leak.  Now, if the insurance company brings an engineer to your house, there is a 99.9% change your claim will get DENIED.  I refer to insurance companies engineers as “Claim Denial Specialists” not engineers.


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