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Insurance companies are UNDERPAYING Hurricane Ian Claims


You filed your Hurricane Ian Claim hoping the insurance company will pay you for all your damages, only to get a check for some absurd low amount.  Sound familiar?

This is what’s happening to people after Hurricane Ian.

Here’s what to expect after your file your Hurricane Ian Claim, please watch this video.



Why are insurance companies UNDERPAYING Hurricane Ian Claims?


1.  Independent Adjuster

Did you have somebody come to your home on behalf of your insurance company?  Maybe from Texas, Georgia, Alabama, etc…?  These adjuster are not independent, they work for the insurance company.   Insurance companies have a list of “friendly” adjusters who will intentionally write low estimates to help the insurance company and hurt you.

2.  Insurance companies WANT to get sued in Florida

Insurance companies are intentionally making lowball payments and creating lowball estimates so that you either accept their offer or you have to file a lawsuit against.  They actually want a lawsuit against them.  Now, this might sound ridiculous, but it’s not.  Insurance companies in Florida want the lawsuits for two main reasons:

a.  It delays having to pay you

b.  The more lawsuits filed then they can cry to politicians to get more laws changed that favor insurance companies.  This is their main agenda.

What’s can you do?

1.  Public Adjuster

First, I would hire a good public adjuster right from the start.  If you hire a good public adjuster they will document your file properly to ensure you are treated fairly.  If the insurance companies don’t treat you fairly, the public adjuster will know how to document your file that would give you the opportunity to proceed with a bad faith lawsuit against the insurance companies.

Secondly, the insurance company won’t be able to pull their dirty tricks against you now because you will have someone in your corner helping you fight the insurance company.

Lastly, the public adjuster will have their estimate to show the insurance company what your claim is worth.


2.  Put everything in email, limit calls

I talk about this on several of my videos, people make the mistake of calling the adjuster when you should be emailing the adjuster so that everything is documented.  I rarely speak with claims adjusters or anybody from the insurance company.  98% of my communication is by email.


3.  Don’t give up and Fight the insurance company as long as you need to

Don’t give up your rights to the claim by accepting some lowball offer.  Fight the insurance company by hiring the right people to represent you.  Don’t try to do this yourself.  Too many things can go wrong.


If you need help with a claim or have a question please contact me.

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