Does Home Insurance Cover Termites

Does Home Insurance Cover Termites?


For those of us who live in Florida, approaching the summer months brings swarms of Termites.  Hot Weather, Lots of Rain, this is the recipe for termite infestation and damage.  With Floridians suffering termite damage, people often want to know, is termite damage covered by insurance?

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Does Home Insurance Cover Termites?



Damage Caused by Termites NOT covered under your home insurance policy

Normally, wood eating termites will cause slow and methodical damage to your wood.  It takes a long time for wood termites to cause significant damage to your wood where you need to remove and replace pieces or sections of wood.   Subterranean Termites, also known as Rhinotermitidae, can cause extensive damage fast.  (Gotta love the “rhino” name in this species of termites)  However, any damage done to wood or structure done by either wood eating or subterranean termites are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy.


What type of Termite Damage IS covered under your home insurance?

Now, if the termites, whether wood eating or subterranean, cause a COLLAPSE  of any ceiling, wall, or floors, then you would be covered by your insurance policy.  Also, let’s say the termites chew through some electrical wiring which causes a fire in your home.  Again, here we have another example where termite damage is covered.

I’ve handled several termites cases over the years.  Normally, we would bring in a structural engineer to find out what type of damage, if any, has been done to the structure of your home.  We would then have that engineer, diagnosis the problem, report what corrective measures need to be taken, and estimate what those costs are going to be.

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