5 Steps in Getting Insurance to Pay for New Roof

5 Steps in Getting Insurance to Pay for a New Roof [2022 & Beyond]


In the past, you had a roof leak, call your insurance company, file a claim and more than likely get some type of payment for either a repair or replacement.  Now, in 2022, there is a better chance of being hit by lightning than the insurance company paying you for your roof insurance claim.  Getting insurance to pay for roof replacement will require the help of a good public adjuster for your roof damage claim.

As a result, I’m sharing this video to help homeowners in Florida.  The State has recently passed new laws that help the insurance companies and hurt homeowners.

5 Steps in Getting Insurance to Pay for a New Roof


Step 1- File Your Claim Correctly

What do I mean file my claim correctly?   Simple.  Do Not ever say due to rain storm or heavy rains that your roof is now leaking.  You need to make sure your roof insurance claim is covered by a peril such as Hurricane, Hail, Tropical Storm, etc…

Step 2 – Your Roofer is Your Expert Witness

You want to have your roofer document everything about your roof damage being caused by wind, take photos, and put proper wording on his estimate.  I give you a specific example of what I would want my roofer to write on his estimate to help with my roof insurance claim.

Step 3- Hire a Public Adjuster

If you have watched any of my videos you will know that I didn’t have an opinion on whether you should hire a Public Adjuster right from the start.  Sure, it was also better if you did, but a good Public Adjuster could help even if the claim was denied when you handled it yourself.  Now, with these new laws passed, you will be making a huge mistake trying to handle a roof claim by yourself because the new roof laws just passed on May 26, 2022, help the insurance companies and hurt homeowners.

Step 4- Handling Claim Yourself

If you still want to handle the claim yourself, make sure that the roofer takes pictures of Uplifted tiles 2 inches or greater.  Make sure he uses chalk to circle the areas of concern and take photos. My recommendation is to only handle a roof claim if your roof damage and the cost to replace your roof is less than $20,000 with NO interior damage.  Interior damage like water stains in ceiling.

Step 5- Ask for a Reinspection

If the insurance company is refusing to pay you can keep fighting them by asking for a reinspection.  If they are going to send an engineer, just know these “engineers” is what I call:

“Claim Denial Specialists”

Your claim will be denied if an engineer comes to inspect your roof.  Instead, try to get the insurance company to agree on a mutually agreeable roofer, who is independent, to inspect your roof.  If you agree to any roofer or engineer that the insurance company wants to have inspect your roof, remember this, they are basically an employee of the insurance company, get paid by the insurance company, and will deny your claim.


With the new roof laws that passed in May of 2022, I don’t believe anybody should handle their own claim like I did in the past.  These new laws cripple homeowners and give all the power to insurance companies.  We have been brainstorming on how to get homeowners new roofs since these new laws have been enacted.  It will not be easy, but, we believe we have 3 areas that look vulnerable where we can get around these laws (Loopholes).  The years moving forward will be challenging, more lawsuits will be filed as a result of these new laws, and homeowners are going to be faced with having to pay more money out of pocket for a new roof.  At this point, your homeowners insurance policy in Florida is almost worthless at this point.  I would argue it’s similar to the dollar, that being fiat currency, not an asset but your insurance policy as it stands today, is a debt obligation since its difficult to receive any benefits from it based on the laws and limitations in the policy.

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