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The 5 Best Public Adjusters in Florida

The 5 Best Public Adjusters in Florida:

Looking for some of the best Public Adjusters in Florida to help with your claim?


1. Best Large Company Public Adjuster :  River City Claims, Jacksonville, FL

With over 15 Public Adjusters in this company located Jacksonville,  Florida, residents in Jacksonville can rest assured their claim will be handled properly.  They have been in business for a pretty long time.  Their business mostly focuses on the Jacksonville area.  They handle any type of homeowners claims that arises from Hurricanes to Mold claims.

Pros:  Large Company, Familiar with Jacksonville area, Plenty of Resources available

Cons:  Bigger isn’t always better, Public Adjuster experience varies, Only work in Jacksonville area


2.  Best Small Company Public Adjuster:   The Claim Squad Public Adjusters,  Across Florida

Probably our favorite Public Adjuster company is a company by name only as this is a one man band.  Here is one of the most experienced Public Adjusters in Florida. Michael Keeler. Mr. Keeler is a sole proprietor with a very unique background having worked for an insurance company, law firm, and expert witness.  He specializes in Roof Claims, Water Damage, and Cast Iron Pipes.  He started out investigating Fire Damage Claims and Sinkholes in Florida for Attorneys.   He also has been very successful in handling claims that have been denied.  He works the entire State of Florida. Offices Located in South Florida, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville

Pros:  Great Customer Service, Very Knowledgeable, Unique Background, Larger than Average Settlements, Personalized 1 on 1 attention

Cons:  If you looking for a big company this is not the place

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3.  Best Mid Size Company Public Adjuster:  Reliable Claims, St Petersburg

Reliable has 7 public adjusters to cover the St. Petersburg area.  Like River City Claims, they mostly deal with claims in a regional area.  One of the reasons we like Reliable is because a few of their public adjusters are also licensed as appraisers and umpires.  Therefore, they have experience with alternative settlement procedures.  They handle a variety of Residential & Commercial claims.

Pros:  Knowledge of St. Pete area, mid size company, can serve as Appraisers & Umpires

Cons:  Experience varies among their public adjusters, Work only in St. Pete region

Tampa Bay Public Insurance Claims Adjuster

4.  [Runner Up] Best Large Company Public Adjuster:  Ask Public Adjuster, Melbourne

This company has over 50 public adjusters.  Because of how large they are, they have a greater degree of flexibility and resources available at their disposal.  They handle a lot of hail damage claims in Central Florida.  That seems to be their specialty.  They have public adjusters in various areas across the state.  Handle a lot of claims due to the size of their company.

Pro’s:  One of the biggest public adjuster companies in Florida, specialize in Hail Damage, Over 50+ public adjusters

Con’s:  Experience of Public Adjuster varies greatly, Being so big can also be a negative



5.  Best Public Adjuster for Commercial Claims:  Commercial Claims Advocate

Vince Perri is one of the only public adjusters who specializes in ONLY commercial claims.  Handling warehouse fires, shopping malls, and other businesses takes knowledge that very few public adjusters have.  Commercial claims usually are very large losses that run Hundreds of Thousands of dollars and even into the million dollar + loss range.  Dealing with someone who only deals with commercial claims is definitely a benefit for business owners, property managers, and landlords.

Pros:  Only deals with commercial claims, Experienced in Commercial Claims

Cons:  Doesn’t handle residential claims