Pipe Burst & Pipe Burst Claims

Pipe Burst & Pipe Burst Claims

Pipe Burst around your home can bring upon a lot of water damage. Pipe Burst Claims can be a messy situation for different reasons:

  1. Cost of plumbing repairs
  2. Dealing with Water Mitigation Contracts (Danger looming)
  3. Having to deal with the insurance company

There are some important things to know before and when you file your claim with the insurance company:


Step 1-  Contact a Plumber ASAP to stop the leak, cracked pipe

Before you do anything get a plumber to do whatever repairs are necessary.  Make sure everything is documented properly by the plumber.


Step 2-  Contact a Water Mitigation Company

It will be important that any water damage gets dried out, floors and cabinets removed (where wet), and drywall cutout.  This is all done in order to prevent mold growth.

Now, one thing of concern with Florida residents when dealing with Water Mitigation & Mold Remediation Companies is the contract you will have to sign.  More than likely, the contract will state that if the insurance company doesn’t pay them within 90 days, they will come after you for the money and/or put a lien on your house.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Ask them if the insurance company doesn’t pay your company within 90 days will you look to me for payment and/or put a lien on my home?a. If they will, ask them to amend the contract by writing on it that they will agree not to come after you for the money or put a lien on the home until the claim has resolved.

2.  If they won’t agree to that, call a few different companies.  Some will operate on these terms, which is, we won’t come after you we have attorneys that will sue the insurance companies.


Step 3-  File your claim with the insurance company

If you have a sudden pipe burst, there will be very little you have to worry about.  However, if it was a small leak, that had water dripping out for a long time, there is some concerns you can say the wrong thing which will guarantee your claim will be denied.


Step 4-  Limit your interactions with the Adjuster

Some important information here:

-I would prefer you are not present when the insurance adjuster comes to your house.  The questions asked will be meant to try to find an angle to deny your claim.  Have a neighbor, family, husband or wife, let the adjuster in.  When the adjuster ask questions, that person simply says “hey, I have no idea what’s going on, I’m here just to let you in”

-Put things in email but be careful with what you write.  Don’t talk about the leak or cracked pipe being there a long time and didn’t know anything about it.

This video may help with some tips


Step 5- Once you give them your cost to repair/rebuild everything you are DOOMED!

Let’s say after your pipe burst claim, you get an estimate from a contractor for $15,000 to get everything fixed.  Once you do this and submit it to the insurance company you will never be paid the $15,000.  I would bet, they would offer anywhere from $7,000 to $11,000 (at most) for your claim despite needing $15,000 to get everything repaired.  What can you do?

First, I would have the insurance company show you what their estimate is.  Then, whoever your contractor is, please make sure they add in 20% for overhead &  profit on top of their estimate.  So, back to the $15,000 estimate example, if they were to add in 20% O&P, we are now looking at an estimate of $18,000 which will give you more room to negotiate.


If you need any help with a pipe burst or plumbing claim, be sure to give me a call direct at (754) 252-5438.   I really do enjoy fighting the insurance company for YOU!!

Feel free to email me:  theclaimsquad@gmail.com

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Thank you,


Mike Keeler

Public Adjuster in Florida