7 Best Tips on How to FIle your Roof Claim

7 Best Tips on How to File your Roof claim [Properly]

Do you think it’s just a matter of picking up your phone to file your roof claim with your insurance company?  Wrong!  Even when insurance companies take your claim they are already planning on asking you certain questions that may help them deny your claim or underpay your claim.  It’s not like the old days where you file a claim and move on with your claim.  Insurance companies have become more sophisticated on how to find holes in your story right from the very start.  Hiring a good public adjuster can help minimize the chances of getting your claim denied and creating a huge headache for you.

Watch this video to learn the 7 Best Tips on How to File your Roof Claim Properly

#1  Google your State Laws and Building Code as it relates to New Roofs and Roof Replacement

Educated yourself by using google to find out if there are any state laws in the state you live that will help you understand what laws might be in your favor and what laws might be against you.  Additionally, you want to google the building code in your state as it relates to roof replacements or new roofs.

#2 If the insurance company asks you the % of your roof is damaged state over 50%

Insurance companies are now asking people was % of your roof is damages

a. 0-25%

b. 25-50%

c. 50-75%

d. 75% -100%

This is why it’s important to know your state laws and building code as it relates to Roof Replacement.  In Florida, we have Building Code 611.1.1 that states if over 25% of your roof is damaged the insurance company has to pay for a new roof.  So, based on the above question from the insurance company, if I were to say 0-25% of my roof is damaged, they could use that against you to deny your roof claim.

#3 Don’t let the insurance company know about any roof estimates you got for a New Roof

There’s no need to let them know unless it’s only the roof you are claiming and you have no interior damage to your home.  I would be ok with it if they estimated the roof lower than what your roofer estimated the cost for a roof replacement will be.

#4 It’s ok to let them know you have had Repairs Done to Your Roof

With one condition, that the repairs of the roof took place AFTER the event that caused the damage to your roof.  Let me give you an example:

A.  Hurricane came on August 10th 2020, then a few months later you found roof leaks, and you have your roof repaired on December 16th, 2020.  There is nothing wrong with that scenario.  However, taking the above date on the Hurricane, if you had repairs prior to August 10th, 2020, then the insurance company will more than likely deny your claim because there was damage prior to your roof being damaged by the winds of the Hurricane.

#5  Try not to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster

Their job with a recorded statement is not simply to get an understanding of what happened.  A recorded statement is meant for one reason:  An opportunity to find something you said against you so they can deny your claim.

#6  Stay away from specific dates and times

Unless you absolutely know the exact date of a Hurricane and/or Hail Storm, don’t try to guess when those dates happened.  If you can’t pinpoint the exact date or exact storm due to multiple storms, your best bet is that you’re reporting the claim but you will get back to them on the date of when the storm happened.

#7  Try to get your roofing contractor, roofer, or public adjuster before the insurance adjuster

It’s not always possible to get these individuals out before the insurance adjuster, but if you can, it will put you in a better position.


Times have changed in the home claim world.  It’s almost imperative you have somebody to help protect you, fight for you, and keep your claim from being denied.  A good public adjuster is a professional to help you achieve this.  Trust me, don’t try to do it alone!

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