Are public adjusters worth it

Are Public Adjusters Worth It?

Are public adjusters worth it?  Let’s face it, most people are concerned about Public Adjuster fees more than anything.  I’m here to tell you don’t even worry about the fees.  I will go into detail why the fees don’t matter and it will be well worth hiring a public adjuster.

BUT, here’s a big BUT, hiring just any public adjuster may not be your best bet.

Remember, there are below average attorneys, below average doctors, below average pizza places, and there are below average public adjusters.

Let’s take a look at this article from Forbes.  Forbes goes into detail how a public adjuster helped somebody get a substantial amount of money for their claim.

Here is a couple video on the value of a Public Adjuster:



A Very Good Public Adjuster Should Be A Master at Understanding Insurance Policies

Every time I get a policy I make sure to carefully read all the coverages and languages to see what possible pitfalls we may encounter, what coverage are available, what is excluded, and so much more.  I’ve been able to circumvent policy language with creative arguments to help my clients.  I’ve been able to find intentional policy “mistakes” that hurt the insured, but as a result of my findings, not only was I able to save the claim, but my client was paid fully on those claims.   This part of a public adjuster’s responsibilities is the #1 most underrated feature and value that a public adjuster brings to the table.

A Public Adjuster will be able to prevent you from saying the wrong things

So many times when I get involved in a claim, the insured has already hurt their claim.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to fix these problems.  When and How does an insured hurt their claim?

a.  When they report the claim they might say things that’s not covered in the policy or report the claim late

b.  When the adjuster from the insurance company, comes for the initial inspection, the insured meets with this person says the wrong things or the adjuster misinterprets what the insured is actually trying to say

c.  The insurance adjuster may take a recorded statement, ask questions about dates, when, where, and how.  These questions are meant to find a way to DENY YOUR CLAIM.

Here’s The Bottom Line:  72% of the Time people have hurt their own claim trying to handle it themselves

The Public Adjuster Fees Should Be Included in the Settlement

Probably the #1 thing people are concerned about is the Public Adjuster Fee.  Remember this point, YOU have full control to accept or deny any settlement.  In all my claims, my clients are able to get everything rebuild, my fees covered, and not one dollar comes from their pocket to rebuild everything after a settlement.  I would never recommend any settlement to my clients where they don’t have enough money to rebuild after my fees and their deductible.  Again, let me repeat this key point, YOU have full control on whether to accept or deny any settlement.  If you are not happy with the amount you will be getting after everything is paid for, your public adjuster should go back to the insurance company to try to get you more money.  That’s what I do!

At the end of the day, there are many more reasons why hiring a VERY GOOD Public Adjuster is worth it.  I simply gave you 3 reasons here but the videos cover many more points and reasons why it’s worth hiring a public adjuster.

If you have any questions or need help with a claim, feel free to call me direct,  Mike Keeler (754) 252-5438