5 ways insurance companies avoid paying your roof claim

Top 5 Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Paying for Your Roof Claim

How do insurance companies avoid paying your roof claim?  I’m going to talk about the top 5 ways insurance companies avoid paying your roof claim so that you are better prepared to understand what may happen, why it happens, and understand this is the way insurance companies operate when you file a roof damage claim.



1. What you tell the insurance company can carry severe implications and hurt your claim

Let’s say you call up the insurance company to file a roof claim.  In doing so, you tell them one night last week there was heavy rain and water leaked into your home causing stains on your ceiling.  Unfortunately, rain is not covered.   In this situation, you just hurt your claim.  However, not all hope is lost.  A good public adjuster can still help in this situation.

2.  Not filing a Proof of Loss within 60 days

A proof of loss is a document that you need to have notarized that states what exactly you are claiming from a damage perspective.  Don’t take a guess at this.  Don’t file a proof of loss until you know what all your damages are, not only the cost to repair everything, but also costs that you might have to live elsewhere for a short time frame, personal property that’s damaged, etc…

3.  Insurance company will hire an “engineer” or use a drone to inspect your roof

The engineer is basically going to say your  roof is old, it’s wear and tear, no opening in the roof system that would have cause water intrusion, etc…Now, the engineer is not independent.  They are not your friend trying to help you out.   The engineer works for the insurance company basically and probably does multiple roof inspections for the insurance company.  They are 100% biased in their opinion.   However, when a good public adjuster in involved, the engineer’s report means very little to us.  As a matter of fact, we don’t really care what they say and it has very little impact on a settlement.  The insurance company hires an engineer to write a report that hurts your claim with the hopes that you walk away from the claim and don’t fight it any longer.   Guess what?  It works because most people don’t fight their claim after the engineer inspects their roof.

4.  During the field inspection by the adjuster, they will try to ask you questions to see how you answer

This is another way. I would prefer that you are not present during their inspection.  They will try to tell you, something like this “Mr & Mrs Homeowner, there doesn’t seem to be much damage would you be ok with authorization of a roof repair?”  Now, depending how you answer that question will determine what happens with your claim.  They will also ask you other questions with the sole purpose in mind of trying to catch you in a “gotcha” moment or they will misinterpret an answer you gave on a question to deny the claim.

5.  No identifiable high winds in the past year or no windstorm in past year

In Florida, we are frequently plagues by Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tornadoes, and other high wind events, yet the insurance company expects you to know immediately after a storm whether or not you have roof damage.  That is unrealistic because as science has proven, you will not know you have damage to your roof until about 6-9 months later.  Sure there are instances which you will know in a couple months and other instances maybe you won’t know for longer than a year.  But most people will not know they have roof damage until months after a wind event or storm.


Just because the insurance company is not going to pay for a new roof doesn’t mean all hope is lost.  A good public adjuster can help fight your claim from the start so that these issues don’t develop by way of you trying to handle the claim yourself.

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