When to File a Water Damage claim

When to File a Water Damage Claim

When should you file a Water Damage Claim?

Water Damage is the #1 type of claim in Florida. Almost every type of claim involves some form of water damage from Roof Leaks, Broken Pipes, Hurricanes, Fires, Water Leaks, and other claims.

Your homeowners insurance policy has certain guidelines on reporting claims.  Some policies will say you need to report a claim in 3 days, some policies say “in a reasonable time frame”.

Water Damage Limits and Water Damage Exclusions

Homeowners Insurance companies in Florida are placing water damage limits of $10,000 on their policies and most people have no idea.  They are also excluding water damage entirely.  This means if you have any water damage, no matter what the amount, you will be denied any payment by the insurance company.  Let me give you this piece of advice, no matter what the discount is on your policy, you are playing Russian roulette.  Again, water damage is the #1 type of claim in Florida, you are taking a huge chance on a possible financial disaster.

With water damage limits and water damage exclusions in place on home policies in Florida, the focus on WHEN you report the claim will be less scrutinized.

Water leaks Older than 14 days old

Some homeowners policies will state that if a water leak existed longer than 14 days you will have no coverage for your loss.  There is a way to circumvent this type of language.  The insurance adjuster will try to say that the leaks are older than 14 days in most cases.  They may also hire an “engineer” who is not on your side, to also say that the leak is old or long term issue.

When should you report your water claim to your Homeowners Insurance company?

The obvious answer is right away.  However, sometimes there are reasons for not being able to report the claim the same day.  Try to make your best efforts to report the claim within 7 days from when you noticed the leak.

Also, when reporting the claim, be very careful on what you say.

Do NOT say:

*The leak has been there long time

*It was a gradual, slow leak that we really didn’t think was a big deal

*Had no idea we had a leak

What you SHOULD say when filing your claim:

*Leak just happened

*Suddenly happened

*It was Accidental

Other tips when you have a water leak:

*Call a water mitigation company

*take notes

*Get pics or videos of water damage

*Call a plumber if needed


Summary of Water Damage & Water Leak Insurance Claims

Home insurance companies are always looking for ways to DENY coverage, rather then trying to find ways to APPROVE coverage.  With that said, don’t give them a reason to deny your claim.  However, if your water damage claim was denied, don’t worry, I can definitely help you.

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