5 best homeowners insurance companies in Florida

5 best homeowners insurance companies in Florida

The 5 best homeowners insurance companies in Florida are not ones that pay claims because all insurance companies hate paying claims. These companies will still fight paying claims to some degree, but usually they provide an easier experience to get paid. Their customer service is also a little better than other companies. Don’t get me wrong, in many cases we still have to find lawsuits against them but they usually don’t drag on lawsuits like other companies will i.e. Citizens and Universal as an example.

5 best nominated homeowners insurance companies in Florida

(Note: Based on my real world experience)

1. FedNat
2. Homeowners Choice
3. Tapco
4.  Castle Key (Allstate)
5.  Progressive
5b.  State Farm (but there are some important details you need to know about State Farm that are not favorable)

Why are these home insurance companies better than others?

Let me share some reasons why these companies are a little better than companies like People’s Trust, Citizens, and Universal.  Those companies I just mentioned happens to be the 3 worst homeowners insurance companies in Florida.

1.  For the most part, they don’t have any water damage limitation or exclusions

2.  Their adjusters are more responsive and helpful

3.  They usually don’t deny claims just for the heck of it (Like Citizens, Universal, and People’s Trust)

4.  They don’t force you into accepting a lower payment of your claim or use their “preferred contractor” (Citizens and People’s Trust)

5.  They usually send you the check quickly once a settlement is reached (Universal takes 45 days or longer, Citizens takes forever, good luck with People’s Trust)

Now, these homeowners insurance companies are not perfect by no means, let me share some of their “bad”

I.   FedNat sometimes has a $10,000 Water Damage limit (check your policy carefully)

II.  State Farm has terrible language in their policy, where, if you fight to get more money, they will use their language of “you haven’t complied with conditions after a loss”

      State Farm has literally put a few of my clients thru “hell” by delaying paying their claim and there is nothing we can do.  We can’t even file a lawsuit until after we
      “cooperate” with their ridiculous requests.
       Let me give you an example of what State Farm does if they decide to make you “comply with conditions after a loss”
                     a.  They will ask you for a bunch of documents that have nothing to do with the claim such as  closing documents, real estate transaction, last inspection report, etc…
                     b.  Force you to take a 2-4 hour “examination under oath” which is basically like a deposition where there are NO limitations on the questions they can ask
                     c.  Drag your claim for months and months

III. Progressive is NOT insuring anybody who has a roof older than 7 years old.  Absolutely ridiculous!!!

IV. Homeowners Choice will make a payment but it’s usually very low and force you to fight them by way of mediation or a process called Appraisal.  But they do end of paying.  Also since Tapco is part of Homeowners Choice the same business practices are in place.


They all have warts, they all don’t treat people good, but at least these companies have people you can talk with and for the most part take customer service seriously.
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