Roof insurance claim denied

Was your roof insurance claim denied? 5 things to do now

Was your roof insurance claim denied?   Roof claims tend to get denied (in Florida) because insurance companies have decided they would rather deny roof claims, hope you walk away, and don’t fight them then to pay these claim.

Recently, new Florida laws took effect July 1, 2021.  These laws centered around roof claims, roof damage claim, and roofing contractors.  The insurance companies were able to get politicians to help them enforce tighter regulations which will make it more more difficult for a homeowner to file a roof claim against their insurance company.

When you call your claim in to the insurance company, make sure you tell the insurance company that WIND is the cause of the damage to your roof and you want to file a roof claim or roof damage claim.  They will then have an adjuster assigned to your claim, called a desk adjuster, then they will hire an “independent” adjuster who is also called a “field adjuster” to schedule an appointment with you to view your property damage claim and roof claim.   Now, keep in mind, this “independent” adjuster is not really “independent” they are paid by the insurance company and handle multiple claims for the insurance company.  With that said, they are basically employees of the insurance company and will not have your best interest at heart.  This field adjuster is another reason why your roof insurance claim was denied.

roof damage claim

I will cover 5 things you can do when the insurance company has denied your roof claim.


Was your roof insurance claim denied?   5 things to do now

  1.   Who is your insurance company?   Does your insurance company have a history of denying roof claims?

More often than not, depending on who your homeowners insurance company is will make a difference on whether your homeowners insurance claim is paid or denied   Some insurance                    insurance companies will deny your claim for a variety of reasons like:

a) hiring an engineer that works for insurance company

b) your roof is old

c) wear and tear

d) no opening (hole) in the roof


      2.  Hire a public adjuster to help you fight your denied roof claim

Hiring a good public adjuster can make all the difference.  Sometimes, a good public adjuster, can make a huge difference with you claim.  They can take certain steps to ensure your claim gets paid, set the insurance company for a possible bad faith claim, and prove your claim from a different perspective.  Additionally, it takes a tremendous amount of stress off your shoulders.

     3.   Ask for a reinspection, another review of your claim

Depending on your insurance company, it’s worth giving a call to the supervisor, explaining your situation and details of the claim, and ask them to come out for a reinspection of your property so you can show them all the damages.   You really need to be careful with this step because if you don’t have a public adjuster helping you, you can make matters worse.   I would recommend this step if the insurance company has “partially” denied your claim.  For example, if they say your damages are less than your deductible.

   4.  Use a roofing contractor to help

You can also use a roofing contractor who gave you an estimate to write in his estimate that there is wind damage.  Example, there is visible wind damage which can be related to Hurricane Michael so we recommend a full replacement based on the damages sustained.  This can be very powerful evidence and help in your roof claim.

  5.  File for Mediation with the State of Florida

Here is the link to file mediation for your property damage claim

You can file mediation for property damage claims such as:

-Residential Property Mediation

-Commercial Property Mediation

-Sinkhole Assistance Program


If you need any help with a denied roof claim, denied roof insurance claim, or denied home claim feel free to give me a call,  Mike at (754) 252- 5438