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Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

Did your Homeowners Insurance Claim get Denied?

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims are common in the property damage world. Here are some of the most common denied home insurance claims:

1. Roof Damage Claim Denied

Often Roof Damage claims are denied because people will say that they have roof leak due to rain. Rain is not a covered loss. The two most covered losses are Windstorm like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tropical Storms as well as Hail Damage. Other reasons insurance companies Deny Roof Damage Insurance Claims is that they will say due to “wear and tear”, roof is “Old”, or there is no “opening” in the roof.

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

2. Cast Iron Pipe Damage Claim Denied

Cast Iron Pipes are often denied because the insurance company will try to say that it’s simply normal “deterioration or corrosion”, “wear and tear”, or that there was no issues such as cracks located in the pipes. It’s usually important that your plumber video the line to show where the cracks are located and where the blockage occurred. Initially, a temporary repair may be needed to minimize further damage but the solution would be a total system with replacement with PVC more than likely.

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

3. Water Damage Insurance Claim Denied

Many policies will limit water damage claims to $10,000. Other polices MAY deny your Water Damage claim if the leak was “gradual and over time” versus a leak that was “sudden and abrupt”. Insurance companies will also deny your water damage claim if they believe the claim was not reported on a timely basis or you didn’t take necessary steps to mitigate your damages. I’m one of the only public adjusters in Florida that specialize in water damage claims so I can help you if you fall victim to the insurance predatory tactics by way of a low-ball offer or a Denied Water Damage Insurance claim.

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

4. Fire Damage Insurance Claim Denied

Fire Damage Claims are often Denied because the insurance company will try to tie the loss to the insured. I’ve seen so many Fire Claims that the insurance company will hold the insured responsible for the Fire and accuse them of arson. Other common denials include property that has been vacant over a specified period of time.

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

5. Hurricane Damage Claim Denied

You might think how could the insurance company deny my Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim? Simple. If your roof shows “limited” damage or no “opening” in the roof, they will quickly deny your claim and all the damage that happened inside your house. Does this mean you have no other recourse? Of course not, this is how insurance companies work.

Denied Homeowners Insurance Claims

The insurance company sometimes denies your claim based on nothing to do with your claim. For example, they may deny your claim if it’s later in the year and they paid a lot of claims in the early part of the year.

What can you do about a Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim ?

There are many things you can do but most important you have to FIGHT the insurance company.

You just can’t walk away from a home insurance claim that was denied because the insurance company told you. Once you decide to fight the claim, call a good public adjuster. If you hire a good public adjuster they will come forth with a plan on how to make an argument to help get your claim paid.

If you have a denied homeowners insurance claim give me a call, let me see if I can help you.

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