WARNING!! Citizens Insurance is LIMITING Water Damage Claims

WARNING!! Citizens Insurance is LIMITING Water Damage Claims


Do you have a Citizens Insurance Policy?

Thinking about getting a Citizens policy because they are cheaper?

Think twice about Citizens. They are taking advantage of property owners who have property damage claims. If you have a water damage claim, cast iron pipe claim, or roof damage, be prepared to get taken advantage of by Citizens.

Water Damage Insurance Claims


Citizens Insurance company is now placing a LIMIT of $10,000 for any/all water damage claims.

STORY: I am currently representing a home owner that has over $60,000 in water damage but because of this limit she is facing a huge financial hardship. Citizens are giving homeowners (property owners) two options when it comes to water damage insurance claims.

  1. You can OPT-IN to their (MRP) Manage Repair Program
  2. You can OPT-OUT of the MRP

Let’s take a deeper look at both of these options.


Citizens will choose one of “their” contractors to do “ALL” the work. Here’s the problem:

-The work will be done by less than qualified contractors

-These contractors will write an estimate less than $10,000 then Citizens will say the remainder of the damage is NOT COVERED

-The contractor will use lower quality materials

-You will be left with a substantial amount of damage left UNREPAIRED


If you “Opt-Out” of this program, Citizens simply cuts you a check for the $10,000 limit LESS YOUR DEDUCTIBLE.


Simple, I have had meetings with a group of attorneys on a way to overcome such blatant attempt to HURT policyholders who have suffered water damage to their property. We have developed a solid plan of attack to counter these tactics by Citizens.

Watch the video to learn more about these predatory tactics by Citizens.

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