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Why Insurance Companies are DENYING roof damage insurance claims

Why Insurance Companies are DENYING roof damage insurance claims like never before

Insurance companies are taking a very aggressive stance in DENYING roof damage insurance claims in 2020.  Why?

You have to know the history of the way insurance companies operate in Florida.

Twenty years ago they started with Water Damage Claims. Then they proceeded an attack on Mold Damage Claims. Then in 2017 they focused on denying Cast Iron Pipe Damage Claims.  Now here in 2020, they are DENYING roof damage claims at an alarming rate.

Once insurance companies start to they face a bunch of claims within a particular segment, like Roof Damage Claims, in Florida, they immediately go on the offensive by either changing their policy language or denying the claim. What can be done?

Insurance companies are now hiring “Engineers” to inspect the roof and write a report.  These “Engineers” are hired guns that work only for insurance companies.  Their job is to DENY YOUR ROOF DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM.   They somehow always report that there is very little damage to your roof, it doesn’t need to be replaced, and ONLY REPAIRS are necessary.  Every one of these “Engineers” report always have a percentage of roof damage equal to about 10% to 15%.  Literally, every report I’ve seen they state ONLY 10% to 15% of the entire roof is damaged.

But there are ways I can help get you a NEW ROOF!!!  There are several strategies I employ to strengthen OUR position in getting a ROOF REPLACEMENT. 

1st- Evidence of the damaged tiles should be documented.  This can create a path of evidence necessary to get a NEW ROOF REPLACEMENT

2nd-  I use drone technology to not only get a “bird’s eye” view of the damage, but also survey the neighborhood for any roofs that have been replaced within the last couple years.   Let’s say there was a Hurricane that struck your neighborhood.  Some of your neighbors got a new roof paid by the insurance company.  You don’t notice damage right away but months later you finally start to notice water damage and/or cracks in the ceiling?  Showing images from a drone can help your case by showing the insurance company that the neighborhood was hit hard by a Hurricane.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims
Roof Damage Insurance Claims


“Sign here and we will take care of your entire roof.  You won’t have to deal with the insurance company.”

A.  You will still have to pay your deductible

B.  If you have any possible damage inside the house, even if you don’t think you do, you MAY NOT be able to get additional monies from the insurance company.

C.  The Roofer will “negotiate” a contracted price for the roof which will be substantially lower than if you directly paid the roofer

D.  When the roofer “negotiates” with the insurance company, you NEED TO KNOW  

                    1.  Substandard, poor quality material will be used

                    2.  Corners will be cut

                    3.  Laborers will lack experience

                    4.  You will get 2nd hand Tiles (either shingle or concrete)

                    5.  Warranty will be less than 5 years

With all this said, there really should be only one route you take when dealing with Roofing Damage and/or if your Roofing Damage Insurance Claim has been denied.  

Let me help you and STOP the insurance company from trying to take advantage of you.   I know how to get YOU A NEW ROOF despite the insurance company DENYING your claim.

Give me a call today!   Ask for Mike