Water Damage Claim

WATER DAMAGE What you need to know

Water damage occurs in almost every type of property damage claim.  Let’s take a look at some claims where you inevitably have water damage:

-Tropical Storms



-Cast Iron Pipe Damage

-Roof Leaks

-Lightning Claims


-Accidental Discharge or Overflow of water (ex.  washer machine line breaks)

Let’s look at some water damage claims statistics :

  1. Every day there 14,000 water damage emergencies at home or work
  2. 1 in 3 Homeowners have experienced Water Damage
  3. The annual cost of water damage to insurance companies is $14 billion
  4. The average homeowner water damage claim is approximately $11,000+

Over the years the insurance companies have continued to limit their coverage to water damage claims, especially in Florida.

As a matter of fact, almost every type of claim, in Florida, has been the target of insurance companies to limit their exposure.  I could take each claim type, start from the year 2000 to present, and show you how every 5-7 years they have changed their policy and/or limited the coverage for that specific claim

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Public Adjuster

Let me give you example, we will look at Water Damage:

1990-1999 : Insurance companies did not exclude any type of water damage. Claims were paid with no issues.

2000-2006 :  It was during this time frame that insurance companies started to limit coverage.   They installed language in their policy that basically stated that damage from a water pipe which was leaking for more than 14 days would not be covered unless the pipe was “hidden”.  What did they mean by “hidden”?  Simply, under the floor, behind the wall, or in the ceiling.

2007- 2011 : During this time period, insurance companies extended their predatory policies.  Now, they put in their policies, even if YOU didn’t know about the leak, and it can be proven longer than 14 days, the water damage could be DENIED.

2012- Current  In the past 8 years, insurance companies keep narrowing the coverage on water damage claims in Florida.

The change in language in most policies is as follows:

If the leak can be proven to be in existence for longer than 14 days without a fix or remedy to the problem, many policies EXCLUDE the damage from being covered.

Now, I am going to quote the exact language of a Homeowners Insurance policy regarding Water Damage:

(Note:  This is listed under the Exclusion section)

There are a few other EXCLUSIONS in the Homeowners Insurance policy that related to Water Damage such as Overflows, Back Ups, and if the property is vacant for more than 30 days.


If the insurance company excludes a water damage claim with language that the leak existed more than 14 days, we have a way to get you compensated for this claim.

We have found a “Loophole” that no public adjusters use and very few attorneys know about.

Yes, we can get you MONEY for a water damage claim if it has been denied!!

It’s not some secret words we use, not physical force, it’s called CREATIVE THINKING.   Not only has this worked without the necessity for a lawsuit, if we do have to file lawsuit, the claim WILL SETTLE without trial.

I do hope you found this article helpful.  Give us a call if you need help with your WATER DAMAGE CLAIM.