2 Real World Property Damage Claims

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Case #1

Hurricane Claim

Our client had a Hurricane Irma Claim, the insurance company stated they paid all they were going to pay on the claim and the insured “failed to comply with post-loss contractual obligations of the policy”

However, we found a “loophole” and got our client a great settlement:
Initial amount we negotiated for our client: $82,000
We found Loophole in the insurance policy and state laws
Total payment after finding Loophole: $155,000

Case #2

Pipe Breakage Claim

Our client had a broken pipe in the kitchen area.
Insurance company stated “No coverage can be afforded for plumbing repairs due to wear, tear, deterioration or maintenance related concerns.”
(see the attached actual document from insurance company)

Initial amount paid by insurance company : $11,750
Client then called The Claim Squad Public Adjusters to represent them
We found a “Loophole“in the insurance policy
Total amount paid to client after we found Loophole : $109,000

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