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Are you looking for help with your property damage claim?  What type of Public Adjuster will you get?  Young and Inexperienced just breaking into the industry?  A Public Adjuster who is one of many other Public Adjusters in the Public Adjusting firm?  Good luck with that. Remember this, like any profession, there is good and bad.  Don’t take a chance getting a Public Adjuster who has very little experience and is changing professions.  Call me to get my advice on your claim.  YOU CAN CALL ME TO ASK ME ANYTHING!! I’M HERE TO HELP!!

We handle ANY type of property damage claim you have. NO UPFRONT FEES!

  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tropical Storms
  • Fires and Lightning Strikes
  • Pipe Breaks, Water Damage, Roofing Issues, and Mold

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    Mike Keeler, Public Adjuster - The Claim Squad



    A former Claim Adjuster for an Insurance Company, Investigator & Expert Witness for a Law Firm, Ready to Fight for you.


    Water Damage Appointed Specialist

    Water Damage Insurance Claims are the #1 type of property damage claim in Florida.   I handle more water damage claims than any other Public Adjuster in Florida. Trust someone with my experience in Water Damage to help you.

    Hurricane Certified

    Florida Hurricanes happen almost every year.  When you face disaster entrust a Public Adjuster that is certified to handle Hurricane Damage Claims to make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

    Licensed to Inspect Roof Damage

    Roof Claim Denied is a phrase you will hear from your homeowner’s insurance claim.  The insurance company thinks you will not fight after the insurance claim is denied.  I can inspect your roof, validate the damages, and get your roof replaced NOT repaired.

    Former Insurance Claims Adjuster

    Being a former claims adjuster for ITT Hartford, I know how insurance companies work.  The homeowners insurance claim process is complex and meant to discourage you.  I know how to fight a denied insurance claim.

    Worked in a Law Firm

    No other Public Insurance Adjuster in Florida has worked in a law firm.  My legal background helps me understand the legal process and laws better than any other Public Adjuster.   This legal experience helps get my clients better settlements.  I don’t provide legal advice, but I know the laws, cases, and how to set up the insurance company for better results.

    Expert Witness for Attorneys

    Attorney’s hired me to be their expert witness on Fire Damage Insurance Claims and other property damage claims.  That’s all you need to know.  If they trusted me, YOU CAN TOO!!

    Fire Damage Claims Forensic Analysis

    Under no circumstance should you hire just ANY Public Adjuster for your Fire Damage Claim.  Fire Claims are extremely complex and takes a great deal of Forensic Analysis which NO OTHER PUBLIC ADJUSTER IN FLORIDA has.  I handled many Fire Damage Insurance claims for the insurance company, as an expert, and as a Public Insurance Adjuster.  It’s common that your Fire Damage Insurance Claim Denied by the insurance company.  I can help your home insurance fire damage get fully paid and settled.

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    We Handle ANY Type Of Property Damage Claim You Have


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What to do if an insurance claim is denied?

    There’s a good chance you still have a claim.  Let me review their denial letter to see what they stated as a reason.   For roof claims, they use the same language like

    “wear and tear”  “roof is old” “no opening in the roof”, etc…

    Fire Damage Insurance claims denied, they usually try to accuse YOU of causing the fire or they will say that the house failed to have certain safeguards in place like smoke alarms, and other desperate attempts to not pay you

    Water Damage Claims they will state that the leak was gradual, over time or they don’t cover “wear and tear” if it was a pipe break, so they deny the claim.

    For other claims they attempt to use policy language that is more of an excuse not to pay you.

    Is Mold Damage Covered Under my policy?

    In most cases, where the mold is a result of a water damage event that is a covered loss, then yes the mold damage should be covered under most policies.

    Let’s say you don’t have any idea where the water came from but you notice mold damage behind the walls or in the ceilings.  Most policies do have a separate Mold Coverage that would provide a certain amount of coverage to pay for the mold removal and other remediation techniques.

    However, some policies may NOT have any type of mold coverage.

    How many years do I have to file a Hurricane claim?

    As of July 1, 2021, you have 2 years from the date the Hurricane makes landfall to report it to your insurance company.  More often that not, the closer you make the claim to the 2 year mark, the more likely the insurance company will deny the claim.  The sooner you can notify the insurance company the better it is for your claim.

    Does Homeowners Insurance cover Roof Leaks?

    Yes & No.  It depends what caused the roof leak.  If your roof is old, leaked after hard rain, or maybe a problem in the valley or flashing then NO it would not be covered.  However, if the roof leak was caused by wind damage then YES it would be covered.

    I have water damage to my condo that came from a neighbor’s unit will their insurance pay?

    Condominium insurance claims can get tricky.

    To answer this question YES, your neighbor’s insurance SHOULD pay but many problems develop.  The best plan is simply to make a claim thru your own insurance company.  I know what you are thinking…..but why??  Well, trust me when I tell you things don’t always work out the way they should.  The insurance company for your neighbor has NO obligation to you, to them you are just a number, a person trying to take their money.  Your insurance company SHOULD go after your neighbor’s insurance company by a process called subrogation to get those monies paid to you back.

    Who’s responsible when a Condo/Townhome roof is leaking causing damage to my unit and others?

    You have to read the bylaws to find out what the Association is responsible for. IF the Association IS responsible for the roof then YES the Association would be responsible, however, they might have a very high deductible to which they would send a letter stating that your claim falls underneath the deductible threshold.  So what can you do?  You would have to file with your insurance company OR you can always pursue a claim by legal means. Either way I can definitely help you.


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