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Property Damage doesn’t have to be a Bear

Public Adjuster in Florida helping families with their property damage claim. Take comfort to know I’m here to help prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

5 Reasons to hire The Claim Squad Public Adjusters

Public Insurance Adjuster with unique experience and knowledge of insurance policies and lawsuits

NO other Public Adjuster can match our experience

Our Senior Public Adjuster, Mike Keeler, is the only Public Adjuster in the State of Florida to work as an Investigator at a prestigious law firm and large insurance company

Public adjuster who will help give you hand on your property damage claim

This unique experience ensures the Largest Settlement

You will get an experienced Public Adjuster representing you who understands what loopholes are present in insurance policies and state laws. We have experience negotiating with Insurance Companies and their attorneys

Public Adjuster who worked with many different types of claims like house fire

Worked with many different claims and property types

Throughout the years, we have handled the smallest claims to some of the largest settlements in excess of $1 million dollars. Losses caused by Fire & Lightning, Hurricanes & Tornadoes, and Water Damage. Properties such as Homes, Warehouses, Condominiums, Strip Malls, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, and Factories.

Public Adjuster who property damage attorneys would hire as an expert witness

Served as an Expert Witness in many insurance lawsuits

Law firms hired my services in large commercial loses to assess the damage, identify cause of loss, write reports, and provide expert testimony for depositions and at Trial.

Property Owners get a maximum settlement by using a Public Adjuster like The Claim Squad Public Adjusters

If a lawsuit is filed, WE are still with you the entire way​

99% of Public Adjusters, once a lawsuit is filed, completely remove themselves from the picture. You won't hear from them. The Claim Squad Public Adjusters are with you the entire way. In fact, we constantly monitor your lawsuit to ensure the attorneys are aggressively pushing your case forward.

My pledge to you

I promise to help you in every possible way to get you the best settlement possible for your property damage claim. If I cannot help you, I will do everything I can to guide you in the right direction.
Because I enjoy helping people fight the insurance company because I do not agree with the way they treat property owners.

I am here to do things the right way and help you the best I can.

-Michael Keeler | Public Adjuster in Florida

Public Adjuster in Floirda

Featured on TV & Radio Shows

The Claim Squad’s own Public Adjuster Mike Keeler has been featured as a property damage expert on the following networks and radio shows:

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Receive your FREE 10 Step Guide

What you need to do immediately after your property is damaged?

We handle ANY Type of property Damage Claim you have

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tropical Storms

Fires and Lightning Strikes

Pipe Breaks, Water Damage, and Roofing Issues

It's always better to hire a public adjuster right at the start of your claim. This way the insurance company can't negotiate from a position of power. I neutralize any advantages they think they have over you.

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We Help families who had property damage caused by

Public Adjuster in Miami can help with any property such as your home, condominium, small business, and office building.

We can handle any type of property that has been damaged

  • Homes
  • Small Business
  • Condo Units
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Townhomes
  • Strip Malls
  • Rental Property
  • Warehouses
  • Boats
  • Restaurants


4 Step Claim Process

here’s how it works:

Step 1

Initial Contact

Contact us immediately to file your claim

Step 2

Review & Discussion

Our expert team will review your policy and discuss your claim within 24 hours

Step 3

Build your case

We’ll meet up, estimate the damages, and take photos of the damage.

Step 4

We make a demand for settlement

By law, insurance companies have 90 days to make a payment or deny your claim

We find loopholes in your
insurance policy to exploit their weakness



Now you have water Damage Inside?

Flying drone that is used to find Roof Leaks and estimate Roof Replacement Cost

We use DRONE TECHNOLOGY to document the damages to your roof
This gives us an edge when dealing with the insurance company

Tropical Storm Damage causes Roof Leaks which leads to Water Damage and Black Mold

The drone footage is used as evidence to prove your claim to the insurance company

Roof Leaks
Pipe Breaks
water Lines
AC Leaks
Tropical Storms


The only Public Adjuster in Florida to concentrate in water damage claims.

80% of the people we represent have water damage 

We use Water Damage Detection devices to document the moisture content in your walls, floors, ceilings, wood, sheetrock, etc…


This gives us a significant advantage when proving your damages.

We then negotiate a settlement from a position of STRENGTH

What background & Experience does your public adjuster have?

I am the Only Public Adjuster in Florida to:
-Work for an insurance company

-Work for A Law Firm

-Specialize in Helping People and Their Families
(I Will NOT let the Insurance Company take Advantage of YOU!!)


We Will Get You The Money You Deserve!

Public Adjusters get you 574% - 747% MORE money on average than those WHO DID NOT HIRE A Public Adjuster.

Our Public Adjuster blog

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Want to know the dirty tactics insurance companies use against you?

We will beat all public adjuster fees
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